Sunday, April 14, 2013

A "Spa-some" Relief Society Activity

Our May Relief Society meeting is going to be "spa-some"!! All women and girls, ages 8 and up, are invited to attend. Bring your mother, sister, aunt, daughter, grandma or best friend for some girl bonding time. Meet us on Thursday, May 2nd at 7 p.m. for some fun. Here's the "spa-inspiring" details:

  • Spiritual Thought
    • Take Time for Yourself: Helping Yourself Before You Can Help Others
    • Get some ideas about how you can make sure you're spiritually and emotionally healthy, so you can: First Observe, Then Serve
  • Battle of the Ages Game
    • We'll have the older generation and the younger generation face off in a game of wits, to see who knows more about the other. Let us know if you'd like to volunteer to play.
  • Activities
    • Pedicures and Manicures
      • Give yourself a pampering treat. Enjoy a foot soak and make those nails shine. For sanitary purposes, please bring your own nail kit and nail polish.
    • Spa Scrubs
      • Make a sample of simple scrubyou can make at home.
    • Humanitarian Service: Teeny Tiny Tears Diapers
      • We'll continue to work on sewing the diapers for our service project.
    • Hair Styles (15 minutes)
      • Karissa will give ideas on some fun ways you can style your hair. Bring your brush, hair ties, and bobby pins.
    • Homemade Spa Treatments (15 minutes)
      • Kristi will give recipes and ideas for spa treatments you can make at home, with items you may already own.
  • The "Spa-tacular" Fondue Dessert Bar
    • What's a spa night without some chocolate indulgence? We'll supply the fondues; you please bring your favorite dipping items. Ideas: fruit, pretzels, rice krispy treats, cookies, marshmallows, and all things delicious :)
Be sure to put your name down on one of the sign-up sheets on Sunday, so we'll know how many people to plan for. Also, babysitting will be available for those sisters who need it.


  1. Online reading is not my thing. But after reading your blog I am really pleased. I don’t know about other blogs but this I will definitely keep coming back to.

  2. What were the questions for battle of the ages?

  3. Do you have some simple recipes for foist scrub and/or face scrub?

  4. Face scrub not foist