Saturday, December 28, 2013

January Relief Society Meeting

Put on your apron and get out your pearls ladies because our first Relief Society Meeting for 2014 is a Retro Rad Homemaking Skills Night. Join us on Thursday, January 9th at 7pm at the Rosewood Building for a night of throwback fun.

- Bread Making Tips: Kristi Youngberg will share her expertise in the kitchen and give us tips on how to make our own bread at home

- Quilting Basics: Connie Hendrickson is an experienced quilter and will share with us some of the basics of this lost art, and give us ideas on how to start our own projects.

- Keeping a Tidy Home: Every good homemaker has to clean that house some time. Karissa Silagyi will share ideas to help make our cleaning routine more regular and easy to maintain.

Plus, don't forget to wear your favorite apron and enter the Fashion Show for a chance to win a fun prize.

If you can, bring a dozen of your favorite cookies to share.

Get out of the house, bring your friends, and come join us.

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  1. Admiring your beautiful blog, I showed it to my activities committee. They want to duplicate absolutely everything you have done here!! Looks like you have an amazing ward and incredible sisters in the Activities Committee. We will be using some of your great ideas and hope you know you are blessing people all over the world with your blog. We didn't even know we could do miniclasses again and are so excited to add that into our planning for 2015. Would love any tips you have as I am setting up a new blog because I loved yours so much! Thanks! Heidi