Monday, November 10, 2014

Announcements for Week of 11/9

  • Month of Temple Blessing
    •  The Bishop has set a goal for a member of our ward to attend the temple every day in November. 
    • He would like for each member of our ward who can to attend the temple twice this month: once on Stake Temple Day and on one other day. 
    • Contact Bro. Jacobs to let him know what day(s) you will be able to attend 
  • Stake Temple Day
    •  Friday, November 21st 
    • Please strive to participate in at least one ordinance that day. There are endowment sessions, initiatories, and sealing sessions available. 
    • The schedule is posted on the Ward Facebook Page.
    • ontact Bro. Terrill, Bro. Thompson, or Bro. Schemmel to sign up. . 
  • Ward Quilt
    • Continue to work on your square for the ward quilt. 
    • The Young Women would like to collect them by Sunday, November 23rd. 
    • Contact one of the Young Women if you still need a square to represent your family. 
  • Annual Ward Slideshow and Chili Cook-Off
    • Saturday, November 22nd at 6pm
    • Photo submissions for the slideshow are due to Alex Youngberg were due Sunday. 
    • Please bring chili, salad, or a dessert. 
    • Signups are also available to help bring toppings for the chili. 
  • Service Project - Nativity Set-up on Euclid Ave. 
    • Saturday, November 22nd from 7-11am
    • Help with other churches in the community to put up the beautiful life-size Nativity display on Euclid Avenue. 
    • Look on for more information
  • Ward Choir
    •  Every Sunday at 10:15 in the chapel
    • Come use your voice to help sing praises. 
    • The choir will be signing for Thanksgiving and Christmas. 
  • Priesthood/RS Books for 2015
    • To save money, in as many cases as possible, we are requested to use our tablets and smart phones to access the new manual for next year: Teachings of Ezra Taft Benson. 
    •  If you requested a printed copy of the manual - they have arrived. 
    • Contact Bro. Eric Francis to get your copy. 
  •  Holiday Gift Card Drive
    • DI will be moving to a new location and will not have as much room so their former DI Toy Drive has been canceled.
    • As a Stake we are being asked to have Gift Card Drive for our ward. This is a chance to donate towards families in need in our ward. 
    •  If you are able, you can donate gift cards, in any amount, that will be distributed under the direction of the Bishop, to help families within our ward have a merry Christmas. 
    • You can donate a gift card to any location, but retail stores with multiple departments would be most helpful. Ex. Walmart, Target, Kmart. 
    • Please give your donations to Sarah or to a member of the bishopric. 
    • If you would like to donate money directly - use a donation slip and envelop and mark OTHER and write Christmas gift cards next to it and give it to a member of the Bishopric. 
  • Temple Lights- Sunday, December 14, at 5:00
    • Meet at the church to carpool
    • Bring a treat to share
    • Come enjoy the Christmas lights at the Los Angeles Temple. Hot cocoa will be provided. 
  • Adult Sports Night - Wednesday at 8:30pm
    • Meet at the church 
    • Playing Soccer this week

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