Friday, August 15, 2014

Super Saturday 2014

Ladies... it's time to get crafty! 

Our annual Super Saturday craft day will be held on Saturday, November 8th at the Rosewood Building from 9 a.m. - 3 p.m.. We will be having our traditional Soup and Salad potluck -- look for the sign up sheets closer to the event. 

Please feel free to invite family and friends to come and craft with us; just make sure to turn in their order forms and payments on time. 

The display of projects will be set up on a table outside of the Relief Society room starting this Sunday. All order forms and payments are due no later than Sunday, September 21st. I know it's kind of early, but this will give our committee enough to time to purchase and prepare all the supplies for the kits. Please remember that unfortunately, if we do not receive your order and payments on time, we will not be able to provide you with the supplies. 

If you have any questions, contact Sarah, and without further adieu here are our awesome projects for this year: 


Wooden blocks that will display the family proclamation in a different way. Choose between two word options for the smaller block: Love at Home or your family name. Indicate your choice on your answer sheet.

 You supply: Please bring a vertical 5x7 photo of you or your family.

     B.)   4x4 SNOWMAN: $3  

A wooden snowman made from a piece of 4x4. Measures 9” tall. Some fabric will be available for the scarf, or bring your own.

 You supply: Fabric for scarf if you have a preference

    C.)   PEG DOLL FAMILY: $4.00 plus cost of Peg Dolls

Wooden family on a decorated base. Customize by choosing your peg dolls from the options listed below. Add the cost of the dolls to the base price listed above.

-          Mom = $1.10
-          Dad  = $1.10
-          Teen Boy = $0.40
-          Teen Girl = $0.40
-          Girl with Skirt = $0.50
-          Girl = $0.40
-          Small Child = $0.35
-          Baby = $0.35

 You supply: Some paper and ribbon available, or bring your own

Remember to add the price of each peg doll you want to purchase to the base price of $4. Indicate the quantities carefully on your order form.

    D.)   NATIVITY ORNAMENT: $1.50

Simple ornament made from wood, twine, and photo. Measures 3.75” square.
(Limit of 10 per person when ordering.)

 You supply: nothing

    E.)    POST-IT NOTE HOLDER: $4.00

4 x 6 Acrylic frame decorated to hold sticky notes.

 You supply: Paper cutter or Scissors, some paper available or bring your own.

    F.)    CHRISTMAS PRESENCE: $3.50

Wooden Christmas display made from four separate pieces.

 You supply: nothing


Wooden board and binder clip, decorated to hold a paper receipt roll. 12” long

 You supply: Paper cutter, scissors, some paper available or bring your own

    H.)   BURLAP FLOWER WREATH: $10.00 

Grapevine wreath decorated with burlap rosettes and pearl pins

 You supply: Some hot glue guns available, or bring your own

     I.)     25 NAMES OF CHRIST ORNAMENT: $5.00 

A set of 25 small ornaments, each with a different scriptural name for the Savior. All 25 ornaments are included for the price. Use them as an advent tradition or to decorate a small tree. All the names come from the Bible so they would make a great non-denominational gift. (Limit of 5 sets of 25 per person when ordering)

 You supply: needle nose pliers

                       $12.00 for stand and 4 plaques
                       $20.00 for stand and 12 plaques
                       $12.00 for 12 plaques only

16” Wooden display stand and 5.5” square seasonal wooden plaques; three separate options; choose between three options
1.) display and stand and four plaques (one for each season) 
2.) display stand and 12 plaques (seasons and holidays) 
3.) 12 plaques only

 The ribbon is not included. Please choose your color and bring your own. You need 10-12" per plaque, depending on how long you want the plaque to hang. 

 You supply: Scissors or paper cutters, ribbon for plaques

Four Season Plaques -- These plaques are included in the $12 stand + four kit. 


Very simple project. Make sure to complete this project early so the adhesive will have time to cure before you leave. You can use scrapbook paper for the design, or print your own pictures or designs from home. Image to display is about 1” square. A glaze to prevent ink jet printing from smearing will be available. Pictures printed at home need to be printed on cardstock. A 24” inch chain is included with the cost.

Choose from these four color options: black, silver, antique copper, antique gold

 You supply: Scissors, small pictures, (scrapbook paper will be available the day of)

    L.)    VERSE CHALKBOARD: $6.00 

Wooden board painted with chalkboard paint. Use to display a different verse of scripture in your home each week. Measures about 12" x 18"

 You supply: Scissors and ruler, or paper cutter 

Hope you see something you like, and if you don't -- bring a project from home and come craft with us anyways, or just come enjoy lunch and visit. 

Here is the order form. Printed copies will be available by the display table next to the Relief Society room. 


  1. Hi, I am organizing a Super Saturday event for my ward. I was wondering if you would be willing to e-mail me a copy of your order form? It would be a HUGE help to me to not have to start from scratch. Thank you for considering!


    1. Hi Sarah. We'd be happy to send you a copy of our order form. Just send us an email at

  2. I am planning a super Saturday for our ward, can you tell me where you found/ordered the"season " plaques?

  3. I am planning a super Saturday for our ward, can you tell me where you found/ordered the"season " plaques?

  4. Could you also email me with your info on the season plaques and stand. Thanks!

  5. Could you also email me with your info on the season plaques and stand. Thanks!

  6. Could you email me with the info on the season plaques with the stands. We have a super saturday coming up soon. Thanks

  7. Pretty please email me the info on the season plaques. Super cute!! Thanks!

  8. I would love to do the Seasons Plaques in our ward Super Saturday. Would you please email me information for obtaining printables ? Thanks !!

    1. Has anyone answered your question? I would love to know where they found these printables. Thanks

  9. I Love the stand and plaques. Would you please consider emailing the info on where you ordered your kits or supplies.
    Thank you so much for sharing!!

  10. I'm with everyone else. Would you send me the plaque/stand info? I would also love the order form.
    Thank you so much!