Friday, August 2, 2013

Holiday Tradition Ideas and Christmas Scent Recipe

Thank you to everyone for making our Christmas in August RS meeting so much fun. It's just nice to get together as sisters and share such wonderful ideas.

Listed below are some of the ideas that were shared during our Holiday Tradition Swap; hopefully they will help you plan something new for your family this year.

And if you're interested in the recipe for the fragrant Christmas scent that was simmering in the small crockpot visit this website: Crockpot Christmas Scent

Holiday Tradition Ideas

·         Visit the Crèche Festival in Upland

·         Walk the Nativity Scene on Euclid Ave.

·         Celebrate Advent by lighting a candle each Sunday during the month of December

·         Spend Christmas Eve with spouse for a private Christmas celebration

·         Do the 12 days of Christmas: for 12 days before Christmas deliver a small gift each night to a few families

·         On Christmas Day have everyone open one gift at a time

·         Grandma’s Christmas Party for Grandchildren

·         Christmas Present Game to swap gifts with adults

·         Look at lights on Thoroughbred St. in Rancho Cucamonga

·         Deliver food to those in need on Christmas Day

·         Use a “Joy to the World” pass along card as gift tag for presents you give to neighbors and friends

·         Mass/church service and dinner and gift exchange with family

·         Go on a family drive to look at Christmas lights

·         Kids puts shoes in window each night and they get visited by Santa’s elves. If they were good they get a candy, a rock if they were bad

·         Unwrapped gift under tree that is the gift from Santa

·         Mission Inn to look at lights

·         Visit the LA Temple Visitor’s center and see the lights on the temple grounds

·         Have children dress up and act out the Nativity scene story

·         Visit the Glendale Center Theater “A Christmas Carol”

·         Go to Logan’s Candy for homemade candy canes

·         Visit the Christmas on Euclid or Harvest Festival craft fairs

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