Saturday, October 6, 2012

Your Money Saving Tips!

Here are the tips and suggestions you shared at this month's Relief Society Meeting:

  1. Keep a household notebook of all important papers, schedules and ideas.
  2. Buy diapers on Amazon using subscribe and save and Amazon Mom.
  3. Don't keep cash on hand! It's too easy to spend.
  4. Visit
  5. Use an envelope for bills you need to pay. As you earn money, put the necessary funds into the corresponding envelope. Out of sight, out of mind!
  6. COUPON!!!!! Couponing makes life better.
  7. Shop at thrift stores for clothes and household items you can refurbish.
  8. Learn to sew!
  9. Use cash and save the change for college funds.
  10. Learn to make homemade breads, spices, and mixes instead of buying pre-packaged food.
  11. Break down your shopping list into catagories and list the prices next to the items so that you will know what you will spend the next time you shop.
  12. Bills stay the same, so budget for the whole month or year!
  13. Eat food storage to learn how to use it when food is low and when it is about to expire.
  14. When your toothpaste is out, instead of throwing the tube away, cut it open. There is still some toothpaste inside and you can use it for about a week longer!
  15. When I am low on cash I stay home, eat food in my pantry, freezer and cupboards. If I don't SEE IT, I'm not tempted to BUY IT!
  16. Visit for Christmas  and birthday present ideas. They are cheaper and more personal!
Thanks for all the great ideas!

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