Sunday, September 4, 2011

Super Saturday

Super Saturday is coming on Saturday, November 5th. Listed below are the projects we will be making. Here is a link to the order form:  click here  .  Order forms and payments are due to Sarah by Sunday, October 9th to give us time to prepare and buy all of the supplies. If we don't receive payment by that date, we will be unable to get you supplies.

A.)  Family Name Board – $15
  • 8” x 12” board with custom vinyl for your family name and year. Vinyl available in white, brown, or black.

B.) 2” x 4” Snowman - $4
  • Stacked wood creates a cute snowman decoration with scarf

C.) 2" x 4” Pumpkin - $4
  •  stacked wood and scrapbook paper creates a cute pumpkin decoration for your home; scrapbook paper will be available, or bring your favorite pattern from home

D.)  Turkey - $4
  •  Wood, large popsicle sticks and scrapbook paper make this cute Turkey
  • Scrapbook paper available or bring your favorite from home
  • Picture to coom Soon

E.)  Changing Seasons - $8
  • Back board with Velcro to change out four wood decorations for the seasons: snowman, flower, watermelon, and pumpkin

F.)  Nativity Ornament - $2
  •   Paint, wood, and wire

G.)  Winter/Autumn Blocks - $4
  • Reversible wooden blocks with winter on one side and autumn on the other
  • Scrapbook paper available, or bring your favorite from home

H.)  Pencil Holder - $4
  • Wooden block that holds nine pencils (pencils not included)
  • Can be modified for others than teachers: boss, grandpa, friend, etc.

I.)  Calendar Blocks - $8
  • Wood, scrapbook paper, numbers, and months of the year
  • Could be modified to make countdown blocks
  •   Scrapbook paper available, or bring your favorite from home

J.)  Nativity Blocks - $3
  •  Child friendly nativity

K.)  Photo Memory Board - $12
  •  Great gift idea to display family photos
  •  Scrapbook paper available or bring your favorite from home

L.)  Decoupage Pumpkin - $2
  • Tissue paper or print napkins and modge podge to make your own patterned pumpkin
  •   Pumpkin not included. Bring your own foam or plastic pumpkin from home

M.)  Cooking Class - $3
  • Get recipes and ideas for entertaining at holiday parties


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