Sunday, August 28, 2011

September Food Storage

This month we will be canning 9 Grain Cereal, Dehydrated Apple Slices, and Dried White Beans. The 9 Grain Cereal mix is a blend of these cracked grains: Spring Wheat, Winter Wheat, Soft White Wheat, Corn Grits, Barley Grits, Steel-Cut Oats, Cracked Rye, Millet, and Flaxseed. It can be cooked as a hot cereal or substituted for cracked wheat in multi-grain bread recipes. The 9 Grain Cereal mix will last for 10-12 years and the Dehydrated Apple Slices and White Beans will last for up to 30 years if stored properly. If you'd like to can something else, just order the number of cans you will need instead. Canning will take place on Saturday, September 10 at 9a.m. at Sarah F.'s home. If you can't make it on that date, you can still order items and we'll can them for you.
9-Grain Cereal Mix
Dehydrated Apple Slices

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